What Is WAW FUE?
How Does WAW FUE Work?
WAW Instruments to Create Better Hair Transplants
Benefits of WAW FUE Hair Transplantation
What Is the Best FUE Hair Transplant Method?
WAW FUE-Assisted Device
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What Is WAW?

The WAW hair transplant system permits follicular unit extraction (FUE) to be faster, easier, and more productive. WAW is a minimally invasive FUE procedure offering significant advantages compared to the “strip” or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method. 

WAW for hair transplants can help you with the following: 

  • Increase the number of follicles per graft.
  • Attain a much lower transection rate.
  • Reduce scarring. 
  • Promote faster follicle harvesting. 
  • Result in fewer missing grafts. 

WAW involves a distinctly shaped extraction device that imitates the natural shape of follicular units. The device consists of punches with an external border and an internal border. The flat punch has a square-shaped external border designed to precisely cut the scalp under pressure and at a diminished velocity. In contrast, the internal border smoothly dissects the graft forward without cutting or transecting it. 

The design of this WAW extraction device enables our hair transplant surgeon to extract a significant quantity of high-quality grafts without creating a larger incision and potentially harming healthy follicular units. The WAW system creates a much smaller incision, about 0.8 to 0.9 millimeters, that can promote healing and limit scarring.

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How Does WAW Work?

At The Hair Transplant Center – Dallas, our hair transplant specialist offers the state-of-the-art WAW system. The trumpet-shaped punch on this WAW system delivers a dull and sharp punch that penetrates the skin in oscillation and rotation formats. This dual nature of the device permits deeper penetration to the hair shaft without damaging the hair follicle. This precision technique is necessary to allow the follicle to survive after transplantation to the recipient site.

The WAW extraction device has a suction feature that greatly enhances the extraction process and reduces the amount of time required to complete the procedure. This device has the lowest transection rate of all FUE devices–lower than 4%. This standout feature of this device preserves the quality of harvested follicles and creates a graft that has a better chance of transplantation survival.

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WAW Instruments to Create Better Hair Transplants
What Is the Best FUE Hair Transplant Method?

WAW Instruments to Create Better Hair Transplants

Dr. Jean Devroye formulated his cutting-edge Hybrid Trumpet punch consisting of a motorized pedal and punches to extract follicular grafts. Dr. Devroye created this breakthrough in hair transplantation technology by developing a punch that could cut the epidermis at low speeds and  dissect the graft without transecting the follicles within it. Hair transplant doctors use this precision Hybrid Trumpet Punch to provide the highest quality results for patients.

The commercial version of the WAW system delivers wireless control of three essential dials to achieve optimum results 

  • The first dial controls the angle or arc of oscillation.
  • The second dial manages the oscillation speed.
  • The third dial supports the launching speed of the punch.

Your hair transplant surgeon can modify the acceleration speed, oscillation mode, and angulation with these controls.

The Hybrid Trumpet punch delivers dull and sharp punches that yield a 90-degree outer edge and a smooth funnel-shaped inner edge to make penetration into the skin gentler and less traumatic. As such, the Hybrid Trumpet punch functions like a dissection tool instead of a cutting instrument. 

The unique threading movement allows the hair transplant surgeon to move deeper into the scalp without damaging hair follicles that are essential for hair regrowth. Similarly, the suction feature of the device powers increased extraction speed. 

The goal of this instrument is to produce FUE grafts similar to FUT grafts and deliver results similar to those obtained with methods such as FUT. Benefits include the following:

  • Reduced transections and pairing rates.
  • Decreased injuries that follicular units undergo during extraction.
  • Reduced number of missing grafts.

At The Hair Transplant Center – Dallas, Dr. Stefan Thiele is delighted to share this experience of producing high-quality grafts upon extraction, all though a fast and efficient procedure. Our clients can benefit from grafts that are less transected, healthier, and richer in the hairline design.

Benefits of WAW FUE Hair Transplantation 

Through the WAW FUE system, hair transplantation technology gains a higher level of efficacy and success with sophisticated instruments, techniques, and defined surgical steps that allow patients to consistently receive an effective solution for their hair loss concerns. 

This special design and approach promotes the following:

Increased Grafts and Hair 

The Hybrid Tornado punch, one of the many features of the WAW FUE system, allows a hair transplant surgeon to collect more higher quality grafts. Surgeons who use this punch can attain follicular units that splay outward and take on a conical shape. In turn, the surgeon can raise the punch diameter to extract the full graft using sharp punches. 

Significantly Reduced Transection Rate 

The Hybrid Tornado punch features a 90-degree outer edge that facilitates easy penetration of the skin. A smooth, funnel-shaped inner edge handles the graft carefully, working in a vertical motion that allows the HT punch to function like a dissection tool less aggressively. Transection rates drop between 3% to 8%. 

Diminished Scars 

The smooth inner shape facilitates the need to raise the diameter of the punches to avoid transections. This feature avoids the large scars on the scalp common with other procedures.

Faster Extraction 

The Hybrid Tornado punch requires more time during the penetration process, which leaves the grafts untied. 

Fewer Missing Grafts 

Dull punches are likely to bury grafts, while sharp punches transect them. The Hybrid Tornado punch avoids both problems by using moderate pressure and a suction effect to significantly reduce the missing grafts rate.

What Is the Best FUE Hair Transplant Method?

The WAW system decreases the chance of damaging a hair follicle. The ideal FUE device delivers enhanced flexibility for removing follicular units. As a hair transplant surgeon uses the FUE device, he or she expands the width of the punch when it reaches the base of the follicle to extract the entire follicular unit without damaging it. Increasing the diameter as the punch moves deeper increases the risk of traumatizing a part of the follicular unit or surrounding follicles. 

With this technique, removing the graft is much easier (there are fewer attachments), and the graft becomes more elevated to allow its gentle removal. This technique inhibits the forceful movements needed to extract the graft when the incision doesn’t go deep enough. Additionally, the procedure leaves more fatty tissue that covers the graft, protecting it from potential damage resulting from dehydration and trauma.

WAW FUE-Assisted Device

The WAW FUE system allows Dr. Thiele to use a punch that cuts the epidermis at low speeds and dissects the graft without transecting the follicles within it. In this case, a hair transplant surgeon can penetrate deeper with reduced speed since the resistance gradually decreases. As a result, a hair transplant surgeon can obtain a higher number of hairs per graft with the lowest rate of damage while accelerating harvesting.

Meet With Us for a WAW Consultation

To learn more about the hair transplant procedures we offer at The Hair Transplant Center – Dallas, schedule your complimentary initial consultation with Dr. Stefan Thiele. Together with our team of hair restoration specialists, we can help you achieve the results you desire. Reach out to us and request an online consultation! One of our hair transplant specialists will be happy to connect with you.

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